Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Over 100 Beauty Products to choose from, imported from Japan, HK, Thailand, USA and a whole lot more. Feel free to browse our site and discover the best product suitable for you. We guarantee that all our products are 100% authentic.

Email: bperfection@gmail.com

Landline: (02) 6244761


For Local Clients:

Step 1. Please fill out my ORDER FORM

Step 2:
Wait for your invoice via TEXT and a reply via EMAIL.

Once you have filled up the order form, payment is required within 2 days as confirmation of your order. If payment is not received within the given period ( 2 days ) , and no follow up is given to me as a seller, transaction will be considered void to give way to those clients willing to pay asap.

Step 3. 

Payment Options:


G-Cash  (1% additional charge)

Smart Money


  • Shipping is not free, it is shouldered by the Buyer.

  • Payment must be credited before we release the goods for shipment. We can check bank deposits online or via phone through our phone banking facility (we cannot be cheated).

  • For those requesting meet ups, we can work it out just text me.
    Meetup Locations:
    South Peeps:

  • Festival Mall

  • ATC
    North Peeps:
    Bluebay Macapagal

  • Cut-off for Payment is 11am and delivery the ff day via LBC.

  • Couriers deliver Monday to Saturday only. THEY DON'T DELIVER during holidays and Sundays. 

I don't have any control on the TIME of the day that COURIER's deliver we cannot request that to be delivered on a specific time. They will just deliver within the day so be patient. In case they don't deliver you can always call their hotline and give the tracking numbers that I have texted or emailed you.

To TRACK Your Packages Please Call:
LBC (www.lbcexpress.com)

For International Clients:

Step 1. Please send an email regarding orders: bperfection@gmail.com

Step 2. Once order has been verified, we will wait for payments before shipment of goods.

Step 3. Payments accepted via: Western Union, Moneygram,  Wire Transfer.

  • Once payment is received we will immediately ship orders through PhilPost EMS (Express Mail Service) guaranteed 3-5 days shipping time.
  • FOR those who wanted to be an INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTOR, you are required to order the minimum wholesale required.

Thank you for your continued patronage, support and trust.

Beyond Perfection has been here since 2005. We are a verified seller in Multiply and it is a guarantee that we are one of the legit sellers having this logo in our site.

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Beyond Perfection Beauty Products

An Online Store since 2004, one of the most trusted online beauty shops. We carry products from Japan, Thailand, China, USA, Hong Kong etc etc
Oral Glutatione
Dr James
Derma Products
Heliocare White Radiance
Heliocare Oral Sunblock
Breast Enhancer
Natuform Beauty Breast
Papaya Beauty breast
Authentic Perfumes
We carry all brands locally available
Slimming Capsules
New 7 Days Brazilian
Distributor for all Snow White International Products
Kustie Products
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